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Babylon booking empowers IATA and non-IATA travel agencies with a variety of abilities to offer the best ticketing options.​ No doubts, travel agencies worldwide are searching for a fast technology, cost effective content, and a continuous support to optimize their ticketing services and increase their company’s revenue. After preforming our surveys, and being evaluated by our customers, below are the key benefits Babylon Booking has been delivering to its valuable network:​

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Having access to a rich content of more than 700 airlines from multi-GDSs and multi-suppliers.

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Access to low-cost carriers with more than 150 LCCs from third-party APIs and direct airline APIs.

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Lowest net fares possible for the majority of the airlines.

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Access to NDC content of more than 7 airlines and still more integrations are under progress.

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24/7/356 operational services.

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SOTO, SITO, SOTI, and SITI access with lowest rates available.

Icon showing a store, representing a POS

Many local market’s deals from up to 20 POSs.

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User-friendly technology.

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Automated markup management.

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Detailed fare breakdown as per the GDS content.

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Ability to create user per employee and branch management.

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Group requests and service request as per the airline rule.

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Post-issuance services depending on the airline rule.

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Mobile-friendly responsive design which provides you with mobility and the ability to work while on the go.

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Flexi -/+ 3 days search Function to secure the best available ticket price, one-week fare view in one window.

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On-hold bookings.

Top part of schema detailing the benefits of Babylon Booking Bottom part of schema detailing the benefits of Babylon Booking Schema detailing the benefits of Babylon Booking