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Our Team

Another reason why travel agencies rely on Babylon Booking for booking flight tickets is the quality of services.​

Babylon Booking has recruited and trained a multilingual team to ensure that they provide the best possible customer service to its clients.

To serve our customers in the best way possible, our team is thoroughly and continuously trained on the latest technologies and systems used in our company which are essential and vital to the majority of travel agencies, and we also give the opportunity to our clients to have access to our large network of contacts and suppliers around the world.​

Our staff and travel consultants are friendly, professional and competent, ensuring that the services we provide are delivered on time and in full, covering every detail required for the client’s itinerary.​

We are a dedicated team with expert knowledge of every aspect of flight booking. We enjoy helping our clients to satisfy their wants and needs, which is shown in our friendly and outstanding customer service.

We empower travel agencies globally with 24/7/365 services. A hard-working global team of more than 470 employees work 24/7 to provide the highest quality of services required and in result, assist our clients with their customers to offer them better services.​


The company has more than 15 operational offices in 4 countries: Iraq, Turkey, Germany, and United Arab Emirates. And about +20 sales offices in in majority of the middle-eastern, African, and Asian countries to provide the best quality of services and expand our network in many more counties globally. Our company’s goal is to emphasize on our presence in many countries and be in a direct face-to-face contact with our clients whenever they need us.

World map that shows Babylon Booking office locations