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Why Franchising

We started to look at the business models we offer from a different perspective. Sustainable partnership come from many mutual benefits, aspects, and objectives.

Now, and after many years of launching our B2B flight booking portal, we established the franchise business structure to offer more flexibility and optimization for cooperation.

Thanks to our teams and our partner teams efforts, we could establish strong roots in many markets locally and internationally, and more is yet to come.

Through the franchise business model, we seek to have partners to become a part of our company’s structure and no longer as clients. Offering the technology, content, and services that any travel agency needs to lead a certain market.

We provide more control to our franchisees to assist them to establish their network, control their market, and increase their revenue.

Babylon will provide full travel services setup for your company accompanied by our know-how and experience for better:

Sales management

Staff management

Market control

Suppliers integrations

User control

Technology development

Main Objectives

  • To enable potential partners to act as a part of our company’s structure and no longer as clients.
  • Establish a profitable line for our partners to generate their target revenue.
  • Assist our partners to further expand their B2B, B2C, and corporate networks.
  • Provide the required content, technology, and support to cover local and international market demands.
  • Optimize the operational processes by giving more authorities and accesses to our partners.
  • Stabilize the transactions between the headquarter and franchisees by exchanging contents for flights, hotels, tour packages, and other activity services.
  • Exchange expertise between the headquarter and franchisees in terms of sales, operations, marketing, customer service, and other related experiences.
  • Provide our partners with a prepared brand standardization, well-established marketing plans and techniques, and contiguous promotional campaigns to maintain Babylon’s reputation locally and internationally.​
  • Dominate certain markets by having localized content, team, fare, currency, language and others.
  • Deliver our content to more local and international markets hand in hand with our partners.


Success Rate 10% 80%
Brand Yet to be Established Well Established
Risk Very high Comparatively low
Time Frame to establish High Already Established
Technical know how Self Developed Provided by Franchisor
Training & Support Not Available Provided by Franchisor
Business Model Risky Tried and Tested
Research Development Very Costly Available at reasonable cost
Returns Inconsistent Available at reasonable cost


Below steps will present briefly the stages of a successful franchise development to guarantee that your plan objectives will be delivered in the defined time frame.

About Franchising

  • Owning a franchise more than doubles your chance to survive as a business owner
  • A proven business model
  • A well-known trademark of the franchised business
  • Developed technologies, advanced work methods and trustworthy suppliers
  • Higher revenue generation
  • Training organized and assistance provided by the franchisor
  • An easier way to attract financing