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Who we are

The Babylon Booking portal is owned by Moonline Travel and Trade. Moonline has established in 8th May 2010 and has quickly grown to become a leading company in the region and a major player in the international tourism sector. Moonline Travel and Trade Ltd is a full-service travel agency that serves business and leisure clients who require professional, friendly and efficient organization of their outbound and inbound travel & tourism needs.​

The company offers many travel and tourism services for B2C, B2B, and corporates through different websites/portal, and technologies.​ Click here to find out more about Moonline services.


To become a leading search engine Travel & Tourism related portal globally for online bookings by means of service excellence, innovative & quality services, personal attention & satisfaction for our clients, continuously developing new relationships and opportunities. Localize our content and provide the booking tool that every travel company requires.​


To meet our partner’s demands and provide an optimized technology that offers the best deals for majority of the airlines, 24/7 support, and access to many local market deals. In shorter terms, we aim to fill all the needs whether content wise, technology wise, or support wise through one login.