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Competitive international and local fares


Babylon Booking provides the most competitive fares from more than 35 markets worldwide via instant access to multi-GDS contents and 3rd parties, which gives the travel agencies the ability to compete locally and internationally.

Fare Breakdown


Babylon Booking will provide its partners with detailed fare breakdown as per the GDSs content. In addition, a detailed baggage allowance and type are provided, also, before purchasing your ticket you can observe the rules for cancellation and re-validation of your ticket.

A One Shop Stop


Our booking system is integrated with multi-suppliers globally with whom we have agreed on best possible deals. We are constantly looking for new supplies to give our partners bigger variety of suppliers.

On hold booking


Lock in your flight ticket(s) price for long period of time depending on the airline without having to purchase it.

On-hold booking cancellation


This new feature enables you to cancel your on-hold bookings without getting back to the operations team for faster and more efficient initial booking cancellation.

User per employee feature plus permissions


You can have separate login access for all of your company’s staff under one account for easy management and administration. In addition, you can create accounts for other sub-agencies to work through you.

Mobile Responsive


Convenience is what everyone looks for. Babylon has a beautifully designed mobile-friendly responsive design which provides you with mobility and the ability to work while on the go.

Reports, Vouchers and Invoices


Data is the core of any business’s success. We will provide you with in-depth reports through which you can optimize and make changes to your strategy. We can provide you with a ready-made solution and template according to your needs and wants.

Sales rules and markup management


The portal enables you to generate your own sales rules and manage your markups to have more control to manage your company’s profits.



to ensure the fastest, most accurate service is provided for your clients, we hired more than 250 operational staff to work 24/7 and handle your requests in a matter of minutes.

Detailed wallet statement


to have more access to all the transactions and deduction occurring on your wallet for your desired timeframe.

Multi currency option


You can select your preferred currency to view ticket fares flexibly to more assist your teams with their operational and financial functions.

Display baggage details


through other preferences option, you can view and select your baggage details in addition to the selection of your preferred seat.​

Multi-city option


for easier booking process, you are enabled to select multi-city routes for your passengers within one booking.

Add your company logo


to display your own branding on the tickets you issue through Babylon Booking, we enable you to upload your company’s logo on the system to better help you to promote your brand.

User-friendly technology


fast, accurate, and simple technology is available in your hands to ensure that preforming a booking is no longer a complicated process. Few clicks only, and your ticket is issued.

Flexi -/+ 3 days search Function


Babylon Booking shall offer you the option of -/+1-3 to secure the best available ticket price, one week fare view in one window. On the other hand, you get multi-city search capabilities.

Email Quotation and price management


Email Quotation and price management