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  1. Can we have a demo to see if your portal system functions properly and effectively?
  2. A.Yes, we can provide you a demo of the system with full functionality for you to test and evaluate it.

  3. Will we receive any training when we decide to use the system?
  4. A.Yes, we provide training to all the agencies that decide to work with us.

  5. Is it possible to add markup on top of Babylon prices?
  6. A.Yes, this option is available, you can add any desired markup on top of the available fares.

  7. Can I book hotels and transfer on the system?
  8. A.Not yet, only flight booking is available for now, hotel and other services will be enabled in the near future.

  9. What is the payment method? Is there a limit to my payments?
  10. A.We follow different payment methods depending on the type of cooperation, potentiality of the partner, and the partner’s market nature.

  11. Who is eligible to use the system?
  12. A.The system is designed for IATA and non-IATA travel agencies to empower them with our content, features, deals, and 24/7 support.

  13. How long can I hold a booking before purchasing it?
  14. A.This depends on the policies of each particular airline where you can hold the booking according to the airline’s time limit, as always the airline rules will be applied.

  15. Is there an annual/monthly fee to be paid to use the system?
  16. A.The system is free for you, no fee will be applied.

  17. How can I start using the system?
  18. A.To start the procedure for cooperating with Babylon Booking, please contact sales@babylon-booking.com

  19. Can the system provide me with detailed reports?
  20. A.Yes, the system is able to generate various detailed reports.

  21. Which currency does the system support?
  22. A.The system is designed to support multi-currency to match your demand.

  23. Does Babylon team support post-handling processes?
  24. A.Yes, we provide post issuance support for our clients from changes, cancelations, voids, and re-issues depending on the airline rules.