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With Babylon’s searching filters you find what suits you in couple minutes only.

With Babylon’s searching filters you find what suits you in couple minutes only.

Posted on December 16 2018

In order to have a successful B2B system, you have to think the same way as your customers think. This is exactly what Babylon booking is doing for you. Since our system is B2B, so it’s substantial for us to make our technology easy going, fast and most importantly precis.

Precision in searching is what really distinguish us from other competitors. We always give our customers the very direct results for what they search for.

It’s an extraordinary feature from Babylon to have more than 700 airlines in one system which can Literally give you millions of results, but is that enough? Having that much or options is a cool thing, but at the end you need to find what punctually fits all your need.

Babylon’s Filters is what make it on top of other competitors. Our Filters include:

● Price range: You can tell the system of how much you are willing to pay for this trip.

● My dates are flexible: you can tell the system whether your you want to go on the exact days you set at first or you can go earlier/later of that date. This will allow you to get the best prices

● Airlines: you can select your favorite airlines. Only the ones which you selected will show up.

● Class: you can select one of those classes:

○ Economy (cheapest)

○ Premium economy

○ Business

○ First class (most expensive)

● Schedule: you can select the timing that suits you for departure and arrival.

● Stops: you can select whether you want to have a direct flight (0 stops) or indirect fright (1 stop or more).

● Layover Time: if your flight has 1 stop or more, this give you the ability to select how much time you are willing to wait until the next flight comes (transit).

● Duration: this is the total time of your flight from the departure location to the arrival one.

● Fare type:

○ Refundable: if you select this, then when you want to cancel your flight, you will get your money back.

○ Non-Refundable: if you select this, then when you cancel your flight, you will not get your money back.

● Airports: you can select the departure airport and the arrival airport

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