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Why Having Email-Quotation Is Crucial for Your Online Booking System?

Why Having Email-Quotation Is Crucial for Your Online Booking System?

Posted on December 16 2018

The world is shifting to the online business rather than the offline. This shift is happening in many parts of the world if not all of them. Having online booking system for your travel agent means dealing with lots of online clients.

How does a travel agent that uses online booking system make a profit?

They make a profit by adding some percentage of (Mark-up) on top of the original price that they get from the owner of the system, we call them providers. This can be super sufficient and effective to use when you have only offline clients who come to your location and get their ticket. Those clients cannot see the original price of the ticket but only the one you adjust based on your interest.

What is the problem then?

There problem that you will certainly face when dealing with online clients. Those clients will tend to ask for all the options or deals for their desired destinations. In this case, you would have to send them all the offers you have in the system based on their desired destinations to let them choose the ones they prefer the most.

The point of all of what we have mentioned above is that you have to consider the following features when searching for online booking system:

1. Adjust the prices: This is one of the most important features to search for. It is the most fundamental one. You can add Mark-up to each offer/option you have found for the client’s desired destination.

2. Multi-Email addresses: many times there is more than one person searching for the same destination. This usually happens in international holidays, events, exhibitions, football games…etc. This will be such a huge challenge for you and will take so much time to perform. However, the Multi-Email addresses feature will allow you to send the same content to 100s of email addresses at the same time.

3. Numbering The offers: you can make a nice flow of order to the offers that you have. This feature is great for you and your client because he/she will be able to send you the offers he/she likes and you will have no problem with finding them.

4. Offer-Validity: you can adjust the last day of booking the desired tickets. This can help you in two ways:

a. Pushing the client to make up his decision faster

b. The validity of price: in many times the tickets run out so fast in a matter of hours, so by making the last day booking earlier then you will be in the safe side when the tickets run out before the time your clients select one.

Are you thinking of the infinite opportunities and profits that you can get when acquiring a system like that?

What about if I tell you that there is a system with these features and even more available? And what about if it’s FREE?

Now with Babylon booking, you can get your business from the intermediate level to the pro level with a matter of couple months.

Contact us through this website and our crew will serve you with pleasure.

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