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GDSs VS. Online Booking Sites

GDSs VS. Online Booking Sites

Posted on December 16 2018

By using Online Booking Sites, you can issue 20x the amount of ticket that you can issue using a GDS system.

Let’s start by talking about how traditional agents issue their tickets, So, when we say traditional agents, we mean the ones that use GDSs like Galileo, Amadeus, Saber…etc. To make it more clear, they are the ones that do “manual search”.

Manual search has many disadvantages. Here, we will be covering the main one:One supplier:

Traditional agents deal with different suppliers but can only search them individually. What that means is, if they want to book a flight for a specific destination, then they would have to do the search (by coding, since its GDS) for every single airline and “There are over 5000 airlines with ICAO codes” (google).

– Let’s say you have deals with only 300 airlines. With your advanced operation group, you would know that there are at least 20 qualified airlines for your client request. Your team would have to do 20 searches only for collecting data. Would that be enough? No.

– Those searches are like a PYRAMID, they will need more searches to get to the top. Each airline that your employees have searched for has different departure and arrival timing!

– Your employees would also have to search for the direct flight (none stop) and the indirect fight (one, two, or three stops)

– Do not forget that there are 3 main classes for that one desired destination that your client is asking for. Economy class, Business class, and First class are the main classes which your employees need to search for. Because for some airlines, the First class price is as cheap as other airlines’ Economy class.

– Things can get even harder, imagine if your clients have a flexible date which means that he is not strict on going on one specific date, then this would help him/her to get the best ticket’s price and super hard for your employees since they would have to do x times the search that they do for a specific date.

We said “you would know that there are at least 20 qualified airlines for your client request”, and this is based on your experience, bust as we all know that things change so fast when it comes to flights bookings. So, you might miss the best deals which you never thought off. So, if you can solve this problem, you would be making lots more profits and you will find lots of better options for your clients’ requests. It is a Win-Win situation.

The question remains (How can you solve this problem?)

The answer is Babylon-booking, the platform where the best airfare prices land. It is a B2B flight booking portal that instantly lands local fares on a global scale of +700 legacy and low-cost carriers. a simple, yet powerful mean to empower travel agencies. Babylon-booking has a friendly interface with powerful tools which will make you find 100s of top results within couple simple clicks. You will be the WINNER.

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