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First face Recognition Terminal at Atlanta Airport

First face Recognition Terminal at Atlanta Airport

Posted on December 24 2018

The United States airport is the first to use facial recognition technology to allow the passengers to get on their flights.
The system launched at Harts field-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the state of Georgia.
Atlanta’s Harts field-Jackson Airport is the world’s busiest airport through its passenger’s number. The terminal is operated by Delta Airlines. But it also serves passengers flying on international carriers Aeromexico, Air France, KLM and Virgin Atlantic Airways.
The process of presenting your documents in the airport to get to your flight is a long process. The goal of the system is to speed up this time-consuming airport routines. Passengers can start using the system of facial recognition when they first arrive at the airport instead of presenting their documents.
Passengers can use the face recognition system to pass through security and get on the plane too, after the first check-in.
The system prevents the need for travelers to present their passport up to four times during the usual check-in process. Travelers look into a camera that scans their face. This image is then compared against a collection of pictures kept by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The agency collects face scans from passports and visas. The face recognition can now scan your face and identify you without your knowledge whenever it wants.
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