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Digital marketing for small and medium-sized travel agencies

Digital marketing for small and medium-sized travel agencies

Posted on May 6 2019

Promoting products and services are essential for every travel agency regardless of the size of the company. Marketing has many different types and strategies that you can follow to improve awareness and Call-To-Action (CTA) for your products. Choosing any type and strategy of the marketing will depend on the budget of your campaign which is the important criteria to consider. You don’t want to spend higher budget in your marketing campaign compared to the benefits you get from it, no matter what your industry is.

For more effective and efficient digital marketing campaign, and better results than your previous campaigns, you can follow strategies below:

  1. Targeting the correct customers: to be more efficient, you need to identify who your customers are, what are their needs, what you can offer them, and how to grab their attention. You will forever have loyal customers as long as you do fulfill their needs and satisfy them with your products and services.
  2. Optimize your travel website: new generation of travelers is more into technology, and by offering your customers a user-friendly and smooth functional website will make your services grow faster and more efficiently and will save more time for your customers than giving your travel agency a visit to book a flight or hotel.
  3. Online advertising:brand awareness is the most important thing you should start with for the promotion of your products/services. Google, Facebook, linked in, and other social media channels, in general, will make this task easier for you. Pay for clicks and impressions targeting the correct audience will spread your ads faster and help you have a more successful marketing campaign.
  4. Cooperation with related business: always keep an eye open for who your competitors are,what do they offer, and how do they satisfy their customers. Get to know more people in your business or have similar industrial activities, search for new suppliers, look for better prices and services, and boom! Your customers have been more satisfied, and you have saved more time and money than working solo.
  5. Social media activities: since people spend more time on social media, your products and services should start to appear to them. Social media has made our world smaller and finding competitive products by the customers easier and easier.Share real travel experiences, show your audience how effective your products and services are, and just go live on social media showing real events. This will highly help you have new customers, keep your current customers, and be more social showing people on social media real experiences and fun moments.
  6. Sponsorship: be more social than going live on websites and social media channels. Sponsor events, engage new customers, attend events and have more face to face meetings with your audience, and establish brand awareness among the event participants and turn the potential leads to customers.
  7. Offer discounts:offering discounts,  is a traditional marketing way for any business, but it always helps to gain more customers and make new customers pay attention for the products and services you offer.

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