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Aviation Pollution

Aviation Pollution

Posted on December 16 2018

Aviation pollution is another reason of the global climate change. Jet exhausts have very low smoke emissions. However, pollutant emissions (NOx) from aircraft at ground level are increasing with aircraft movements. Pollution at altitudes tend to have larger effects on the global climate change than other sources of pollution located on ground levels.

In addition, aircrafts can cause water pollution too due to their extensive use and handling of jet fuel, lubricants and other chemicals.

The global aviation industry produces around 2% of all human-induced CO2emissions, and aviation is responsible for 12% of CO2 emissions from all transport sources, compared to 74% from road transport.

What is the solution then?

– SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) might be the optimum solution for such issues.

SAF produces up to 80% less CO2 over its lifecycle, compared to conventional jet fuel. Developing SAF will provide the aviation industry with an alternative to petroleum-based fuels, enable the industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

Some airlines show great transparency with regards to their CO2 emissions and other steps they are taking to improve their impact on the environment.

Lufthansa airlines use bio-fuel derived from flax oil and animal flat, which considerably reduce the environmental impact. Terminal 2 is already using environmentally friendly technology. The sun is a source of energy on the roof of Terminal 2, where a photovoltaic installation went into operation on July 10, 2003.

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