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2019 Travel industry megatrends

2019 Travel industry megatrends

Posted on April 15 2019

As the travel industry grows, many new megatrends start to appear and take a significant importance in the industry.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, 41% of the business and 60% of leisure travel arrangements are nowadays made online. Many challenges started to face travel agencies not only to fulfill the needs of their customers, but also to follow the new trends and stay up-to-date and determine how long can your travel agency serve its customers with the required services.

Staying in line with travel tech trends and provide your clients with a perfect and unique traveling experience is what every travel agency aims to.

Below are 5 important megatrends of the travel and tourism industry:

  1. Recognition technology:by recognition technology, we mean fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scanning or other biometric identification methods.
    The point behind having a recognition technology in travel agencies is making the process of data collection and analysis easier, identify your target and loyal customers better, and organize the required personalization for your customers,  reward them for being regular customers and grant them access to the associated services.

  2. Personalization: customization is one of the most important things nowadays. On our previous blog we have mentioned the customer lifetime and how to calculate it, and in this blog we focus on the personalization required to detect your loyal customers and offer them discounts and special deals to make them more satisfied with what you offer them.
    You can personalize your target customers with better and easier being identified by your travel agency employees.

  3. Online booking:the world has recently headed to online activities, not only in the travel industry. Customers are no longer into visiting a specific place to buy a certain product. Technology has made each customer search online for what they look for without giving a visit to a brick and mortal store.
    Having an online booking system can help new customers find your products easier,whether you offer flight tickets, tour packages, VISAs, corporate services, and so on.

  4. Mobile applications:almost every traveler uses cell phones. Having a mobile application for your travel agency or a specific service/ product your travel agency offers will make your services more accessible and easier found by the customers at anytime, and wherever they are.

  5. Special offers:majority of the customers look for a specific service or an offer from travel agencies. Being unique and offering special products/ services can highly help you grab attention of new customers. High quality services, good prices, and unique experience is what travelers look for. Make sure your travel agency can highly fulfill travelers needs and offers what the travelers are looking for.

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