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Turkish Airlines Is Thinking of The 777x Jet

Turkish Airlines Is Thinking of The 777x Jet

Posted on December 16 2018

The Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier airline. It is one of the largest airlines in the world due to its super high number of destinations, which is 302 destinations. The 120 countries that it travels to, makes it one of the largest airlines around too. For more expansion, development, and domination, the Turkish Airlines is thinking of getting the 777x jet to its high-quality collection.

Lately, the Turkish Airlines showed huge interest in the new 777x jet. The carrier’s chairman started to take actions to see if this will get them closer to their targets or not. Their main target now is the ultra-long-haul routes, the carrier’s chairman said. “We’re still making our calculations and working very closely with the OEMs

[original equipment manufacturers]

on the feasibility of the new generation aircraft for the ultra-overseas,” Mr. Ayci said. Many tests were set to check the aircraft in terms of its features and abilities. The results of all of those tests were as quite positive. So, After, finishing with the theoretical parts, now its time for some practise tests. “After we’ve seen the clear feasibility of that aircraft’s performance, we’ll make our decision.” After doing the calculation and finishing all the theoretical tests they set, now they are asking for a trial to make their final decision on its true potential.

“Turkish Airlines right now is very equally balanced in terms of destination allocation,” the chairman said. “We are thinking of increasing frequencies – it’s more important right now than opening new destinations.”

The problem that the Turkish airline is facing now is the dramatic drop in the carrier’s shares, which documented to be 11 percent decrease. And this is their the lowest they ever faced for two years. However, last month data showed that the airline carried 6.1 million passengers. This means a 3.6 percent increase after the last drop down, but it still less than a quarter of the record of April, which was 15 percent increase. On top of that, IATA is predicting that the increase in the fuel price for this period will negatively affect the profit of all the airlines by 12 percent.

How would the 777x jet help them with this obstacle?

The properties/feature of this jet will solve the biggest part of this problem:

1. 12% less fuel per seat than any competitive aircraft.

2. Engine: hyper-efficient carbon. Most fuel-efficient ever by 5%+ more efficient engine.

3. Wings: 17 meters’ span, 6 meters’ extra performance.

4. Environmental friendly: NOx 29% below CAEP/8 limits.

5. ½ meter extra wide internally.

6. Safest and most efficient for ultra-long-haul routes (non-stop flights)

7. 17 more tons of cargo

8. 18% more seats

9. 10% less operation cost.

In conclusion, the Turkish Airline is thinking about ordering the 777x jets. It is not only an idea but they started taking actions towards that. They are done with all the theoretical study and they are now in the practical part which is testing the jet physically. This step will probably solve one of the biggest problems that the Turkish airline and the whole world is facing now which is the 12% fuel prices increase because the 777x uses 12% less fuel compared to the other competitive aircraft.

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