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Santa is not the only Christmas hero

Santa is not the only Christmas hero

Posted on December 17 2018

Seems like Santa is not the only Christmas hero this year. A group of pilots wanted to celebrate Christmas and cheer the rest of the world up in their own way.
A group of pilots drew Christmas tree in the sky on a flight path over Germany while doing a test flight of an Airbus A380 aircraft for Emirates.
The pilots were flying an Airbus A380 aircraft for Emirates on Dec. 13. The A380 airplane took off from Hamburg, a port city in Northern Germany, and landed back in Hamburg five hours and 22 minutes later, according to Flightradar24.

While cruising at an altitude of over 41,000 feet, news outlets slowly watched the pilots draw a Christmas tree, complete with classic, round Christmas ornaments and a tree-topper. The tree has been drawn through the movement of the airplane above different cities in Germany that extended to Denmark.

They flew as south as Stuttgart, where they drew the trunk. Hamburg is the top point of the tree, but the pilots flew near German towns like Cologne and Brunswick as well. You can view the complete flight path and finished Christmas tree for Airbus A380 on Flightradar24, too.
Christmas trees haven’t been the only ways pilots have decorated the sky. The pilot of D-EPDC wished us all a Merry Christmas last year as well.

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