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Facts you may not know about the travel industry and travel agencies

Facts you may not know about the travel industry and travel agencies

Posted on April 22 2019

There are so many facts about travel and tourism industry that most of the travel agencies don’t know. In this blog, we will mention 20 secrets about the industry.

  1. Foreign suppliers are preferred the most by travel agencies.
  2.  80% of adult travelers have included a historic or cultural activity while traveling.
  3. Many travel agencies prefer getting commissions from other suppliers that dealing directly with the airline for selling flight tickets. It helps them make more money.
  4. Most of the travel agencies are not aware that some booking websites add extra charges on the products they sell.
  5. Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly.
  6. Group flight bookings can be sometimes more expensive than individual bookings.
  7. Passengers are not aware that the airports charge higher exchange currency.
  8. Journey times may be exaggerated to make it seem as though flights are on time.
  9. Pilots are allowed to take a nap while flying.
  10.  Travel and tourism is the fastest growing industry globally.
  11. Young travelers spend more money than the others.
  12. China remains world’s top tourism spender with USD 261 B.
  13. 1/10 jobs are supported by Tourism industry across the world.
  14. Total International Tourist Arrivals in 2016 were 1235 Million.
  15.  Just 20 countries account for 72% of T&T GDP
  16. The fastest growing destination in 2017 was Egypt
  17. 80%of customers prefer to self-serve in order to get the information that they need.
  18. 26% of travel searches in the fourth quarter of last year occurred on a mobile device.
  19. Over 1 in 3 travelers across countries are interested in using digital assistants to research or book travel.
  20. 38%of bookings are made on the same day or two-days before a trip.

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