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B2B Platforms, main Secret of Success

B2B Platforms, main Secret of Success

Posted on December 16 2018

A travel agency job is basically finding the costumes and selling/providing them with the flight tickets they need. In other words, they are the ones that take the ready product “tickets’ from a supplier and deliver it to the customer, so they are the main ring between the supplier and the customer. This big company can get benefit by adding profits/commission on top of each ticket they sell.

Ok! Now, who is the one who provides them with those offers? Airlines Companies.

Small, medium and big travel agent usually tend to have a system like GDS, LCC, Airlines sites…etc. All of those mentioned systems deal with a limited number of suppliers and most of them deals with one “Single Supplies”.

Let’s analyze the idea:

• Why is it important to use a “Multi-Supplier” system?

• By having a Single Supplier, we mean you can have Local fares. This means you can get the best prices for any ticket for flights that take off from your country’s location. If your customer wants to have two destinations ticket, you will only be able to get the best price for the one that its departure location is in your country while for the other destination, you won’t gets this opportunity. Local fares always have the best prices.

• By having a Multi-Supplier: You will be able to get the best price for all destinations in the world. This means lots of extra money is added to your credits which will duplicate your expansion.

If you feel that what you are reading is related to your daily business difficulties and started to think of a solution, then congrats you are in the right place.

Babylon-booking is a MULTI SUPPLIER B2B flight booking portal that instantly lands local fares on a global scale of +700 legacy and low-cost carriers. So, by using Babylon you will be able to get the best prices just like you have agents all around the world with IATA license.

This million of dollars technology is given to you for FREE.

Duplicate your business income and became international faster than ever!

Click this link below for registration and we will take care of you.


On one of our previous blogs, we talked about the problems and disadvantages that travel agency would surely face by using a GDS system. Not Only that, we have given one solution to all the problems we listed and this solution was Babylon-bookings . It will take you 5min to go over this article but on the other hand, it will shorten the journey of your success significantly.

Read the full article Here

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